Sunday, 15 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree: 12 Days of Blogmas 3.

Felt Heart: thetartanfox, Red Felt Bauble: johnlewis, Wooden Heart, Christmas Carol Singer, Candy Cane, Metal Lanterns: thenationaltrust

Sometimes you have just got to be in it for the pretties, and when it comes to decorating the tree, can you get any cuter than these little decorations? 

I'm slowly but surely trying to build up a collection that has a story, bits and bobs that I know have come from a certain place, been given by a friend or remind me of a certain time. If you can't get all sentimental at Christmas, when the hell can you?! I won't divulge into individual stories, but hopefully when I'm old and grey I'll have years worth of stories on my Christmas tree...


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