Monday, 2 December 2013

Ginger Sparkle.

Last year, a little gingerbread tin landing on my doorstep and it started a bit of a revolution. My love obsession with ginger is well documented on here but the Ginger Sparkle range from The Body Shop really is the one for me. 

I may have gone slightly wild in the online aisles and bought a little bit of everything but I'm basking in a ginger haze. Ginger Sparkle is the perfect blend of warming but spicy. It's a pure ginger scent that is deceptively difficult to track down. 

I'm bathing in the stuff, filling my room with the scent of it and even giving it away as gifts. I'm a certified Ginger Nut...



  1. I love the scent of ginger, absolutely lovely and sooo christmassy! x


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