Monday, 14 October 2013

Hey It's OK...Beauty Edition.

As I've obviously been out of the swing of this beauty blogging malarky over the past few weeks, instead of life getting in the way once again (real life is time consuming man!) I'd note a few bits that have occurred to me whilst I've been hovering away from the blogosphere. 

Hey It's OK..

  • To not go mental over the latest Rihanna for MAC Collection. In a completely treacherous statement I'm not a big rose gold fan, I have tonnes of red lipstick and they stare disapprovingly at me over my neglect of them daily.
  • To be a bit lazy sometimes. Despite my love and adoration for all things skincare I might have collapsed into bed with a bit of make up on a couple of times. I didn't wake up with a face like this...

  • To get a bit lax with the old grooming routine. I'm not talking across the board, I'm referring more specifically to the old hair removal situation. It's getting colder and my pasty pins haven't seen the light of day for weeks on end, so what If I decided ten more minutes in bed was preferable to a quick once over with the razor? Yeah baby I've got it. 
  • Not to follow the colour rules. Just because we're head first into October doesn't mean you can't rock the hell out of a pastel ensemble. I might be in a hefty love affair with Oxblood right now but my nails are screaming spring. I'm just a rebel like that.

So, If like me you find yourself failing at beauty, It's OK, being a demi-troll isn't all bad.



  1. Love this! I'm guilty of 3/4 of these!

  2. I love this post! The Rihanna for MAC collection did absolutely nothing for me and I don't see why you *can't* wear lighter colours on your nails in winter. Absolutely brilliant :) xx


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