Thursday, 5 September 2013

Tranquilty by NEOM.

I'm a firm believer in beauty sleep. You can slap every lotion/potion/acid/serum/concealer on your visage and still look rough around the edges if you're skimping on the zzz's. But, as the world seems to speed up by the minute I'm definitely guilty of finding it difficult to wind down in the evening. I've been working longer hours and finding less time to just relax in the evening so the NEOM Organics Tranquility Collection is a little miracle. 

NEOM have teamed up with the The Sleep Council for their 'Perfect Nights Sleep' range to promote the importance of good sleep...with a little help from the heady lavender notes of the Tranquillity range.  

You may have heard me raving about the delights Neom have to offer in the past but they deliver on every level. The brand ethics always kick things off to a flying start - all products are certified organic or natural, no nasties hiding in these beauties, not to mention the luxurious feel to everything they come up with. 

Like the hardened beauty blogger I am, I donned my pyjama's, lit my candle and let the lavender, jasmine and sweet basil fill my bedroom. If you're not a lavender fan I'd steer clear as it really is the overriding note to the scent but I find it incredibly soothing. I managed a quick bath and did the nessesary skin grooming before I popped into bed after spritzing my bed linen with the serenely scented pillow mist. 

Whether it is the tranquil scents or the added element of routine before hitting the hay, I really am enjoying this range. It's a thumbs up from me. 

Are you getting a good nights sleep? 


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