Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A One Bag Girl.

I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that being a beauty blogger and all around beauty hoarder can get a little much in the storage department. 
Drawers upon drawers of immaculate acrylic storage and mounds of product can sometimes feel suffocating rather than liberating. It all began with a last minute weekend trip, everything I could possibly want or need fitted snugly into a solitary wash bag. 

The Angels Sang. 

So the search began for a wash bag to house my skin, hair and daily make up needs. All wrapped up in one perfectly formed pouch. 

Whilst initially straying from a bit of Cathy K, in the end it was the perfect fit. Robust, waterproof and all around good egg. 

It's almost enough to see me cast out the acrylic and live like a one wash bag girl. Wouldn't it be nice to be a one bag girl?! Back in the real world, the drawers will never be far from my heart but it has spurred me one to have a good sort out and work out what's just lingering and what needs using up. 

Do you hear the call of the hallowed project 10 pan? I think I do! 



  1. Months ago I started this project that I would only buy a certain product when all of my similar products were gone. It was the best thing I ever did because now I have so much space! And you feel like you earned the new products!

    1. Definitely, really looking forward to having a bit of make up and beauty clarity in my life :)


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