Monday, 5 August 2013

Quick Fire Review: Organic Surge Eye Gel.

In the spirit of my own pace of life over the last few weeks, we're going quick fire. What better product to go quick fire on than something that has been a huge help to make me look just that little bit less shattered when I've been running on empty. 

Enter the Organic Surge Eye Gel. 

What does it promise? 

Promises to reduce puffiness & rejuvenate skintone, even on sensitive skin. 

Can it keep that promise?

The product itself is a lovely light textured gel that feel incredibly cooling when you pop it under your giant eye bags at stupid o'clock in the morning (in my experience). Despite being marketed as a morning & night product, personally this definitely fits the bill in the AM far more than the PM. It sinks in quickly and lets me plaster on the criminal amount of concealer I've been using recently to make me look acceptable in the eye department. Thumbs up. 

Any else? 

It's always worth a mention when a product is against animal testing and steers clear of SLS, parabans and all those general nasties. One of the active ingredients is witch hazel which is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. At £8.49 is very reasonable in the eye gel stakes too.

What's the verdict...

So far so good, It's doing a good job at making me look slightly less puffy in the morning, I can't vouch for the skintone rejuvenation but time will tell! 


*PR Sample.

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