Saturday, 13 July 2013

HD Brows.

Can you bloody believe I haven't ever gone and properly talked about HD Brow'ing on here? As a bonafide brow obsessive I've even shocked myself a little bit. 

So ladies & gents, let me present my two pennies worth about being HD in the Brow department. So, what makes HD'ing better than just waxing/tweezing/threading/filling etc etc. Well to cut a long story short it's all of these techniques rolled into one. Overkill? Never. 

So, we're talking. 

Step 1. Prep & Assess. A quick chat about what you want to achieve. I discussed how dark I wanted to go & my main goals (neat defined brows but keeping the natural thickness). 
Step 2. Tinting. This time I went for a black tint which when it was first suggested made me wince a little bit, but when I discussed which brow powder I usually go for, was assured it was the best choice. 
Step 3. Waxing. 
Step 4. Trimming. All hair is brushed up and the longest ones are trimmed down. 
Step 5. Threading. Used to make sure even the shorted hair is caught! Definitely the most uncomfortable part but not unbearable. 
Step 6. Tweezing. Getting rid of those pesky strays! 
Step 7. Finishing touches. Powder or pencil to fill in any gaps. 

So, how did it work for me? 


Looking slightly unruly & wild... 


They're defined, neat and tidy but don't look too 'done'. Exactly what I wanted. It may seem like a lot of work for two small bit of hair over your eyebrows, but hey, I'm a brow girl. 
My HD Brows cost £20 but cost can vary. If you're trying to get some real shape back in your brows or are preparing for a special occasion/wedding etc. I couldn't recommend it more.

Are you in the HD brigade? 


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