Monday, 15 July 2013

GHD V Gold.

Backstory: I've been using straighteners held together with electrical tape for months. It involved a chair and a lack of awareness. RIP Cloud Nines. 

Now, I could have gone back to Cloud 9 and re-ordered the same straighteners. But I'm a fickle beauty consumer who likes to try new things...enter the GHD V Gold Classic Styler. 

I've had GHD's before, in fact it was where my love of incessant straightening came from. Nowadays I'm not too obsessive about having poker straight locks but running some irons over my blow dried barnet is still an essential part of my haircare routine. 

It's clear that these irons have bucked up their ideas since we last parted ways. The heating time is incredible, 30 seconds is a conservative estimate and they felt sleek and smooth when gliding through my hair. The only feature that lacks on this model is a temperature control, but if I was being honest it was always whacked up to the highest setting anyway... 

As part of the sweet deal from Feel Unique, I recieved this rootin' tootin' heatproof bag to store my new irons in. I'm not overly excited by fringing but it should avert a similar fate to my old pair of straighteners. 

Let the sleek times roll. 


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