Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ode to Origins.

As a perpetual beauty enthusiast (fickle product fiend) It's rare for me to build up a lasting affinity with a brand. If you find me going back again and again to multiple products, you know it's the good stuff. 
After an initial accidental encounter with the brand (a very generous but unrequested Christmas haul) I found myself pleasantly surprised with what they had to offer. I appreciate the no nonsense approach when it comes to skincare nasties, but It's done without the healthy dose of patchouli soaked self righteousness that often comes with it. Yes they're proud of it, but it seems to strike the balance between natural and a little bit slick. 

Now, what is there to shout about? A Perfect World moisturiser is the only moisturiser I have gone back to multiple times over recent years. I find it strikes the right balance between nourishing yet light. Throw in that refreshing brand of scent that Origins do so well and I'm sold. 

If you're even halfway familiar with Origins, you'll undoubtedly have sniffed the Ginger Essence at least once. I've banged on repeatedly about the wonders of this fresh ginger aroma but it really is a beaut. The last time a package from Origins arrived I was welcomed by the very scent when I opened the box. Dreamy. 

Last but not least is the latest addition to the family. Hello GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. A few days in and it's already an integral part of my morning routine. A soft pearlised eye cream that's packing with light reflected goodness and de-puffing wizardry. It's a real treat. 

Origins, I salute you. 


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