Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser.

OK, I admit it. This popped through my door, I took one look at it and just put it in my 'to consider' pile. Nivea Moisturiser? Snooze. 

In my haste I neglected to give this the proper once over and it was only when It appeared on a few other blogs and I read those reviews I actually decided to give it the time of day. I know, total blogger behaviour right there.

If I had taken two seconds to utilize my own brain I would have realised that this is a miniature revelation in the moisturiser department for me. So, why would a seemingly standard Nivea moisturiser have me bouncing off the walls? Because my friends, I am the ultimate lazy Susan when it comes to moisturising. I try to be good, but the waiting around for it to sink in and the added effort to slather my body with cream when I'm already running late means it's often neglected. 

Oh, did I mention you can apply this in the SHOWER? Yes, the fricking shower. It's a wash, apply, rinse off, done kinda job. 

And the angels sang. 

Is it glamorous? No. Will it leave you smelling like a juicy peach/coconut dream/insert tropical whiff here all day? No. Does it save me a step and leave me sufficiently moisturised? Yes. 

I will concede, it doesn't leave you silky smooth like a baby but if I'm rushing to get out of the door midweek I'm not looking for silky perfection. Give me quick and easy. Wham, Bam, Thank You Nivea! 

For a couple of quid, I'm there. 


*Provided for consideration.


  1. I do find it hard to believe that a product could provide a decent amount of moisturisation after being slapped on and rinsed off pretty much instantaneously BUT I may have to buy this to take on holiday for when the sun has sucked all the goodness out of my skin!

    Jade | The Beauty Butterfly

    1. It wouldn't take the place of a proper intensive moisturiser but it's a good start!


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