Friday, 14 June 2013

Bourjois Bronzing Primer.

What can I say, Bourjois are firmly back in my good books with their recent offerings. First came my star high street product of the month/year, the Cream Blush. Now they're following on with a delectable selection of bronzing products to fake a glow. Where the British 'Summertime' falls short, Bourjois delivers.

Like the much talked about 'Chocolate Bronzer' the Bronzing Primer comes with the same 'Addictive Fragrance' (really?) as the rest of the range. I'm not unfussy about the smell but it really is a bit of a gimmick, give me an unscented bronzer and I'm not going to moan about it. 

Bonus chocolate scent aside, why has this product sent my blogger spidey sense into overdrive? Does the picture below look familiar? 

Soleil Tan de Chanel anyone? At first glance it's a definite doppelgänger. Both pleasantly scented cream bronzing products that can contour your way to a bronzed visage in a moment products. On closer inspection they don't run so parallel but for a penny under a tenner, I'm sold.  As the perpetual pale Pauline I don't tend to mess around with bronzing products on a daily basis. Therefore dropping serious dollar on the Chanel alternative just isn't up there on my list of priorities. 

I've had a chance to compare both and whilst the Chanel holds a firmer consistency and the Bourjois is more a of a true whipped mousse. The end results are ever so similar.  It leaves a soft finish that doesn't look greasy or powdery so going in with a foundation or blush/highlighter isn't an issue.

To provide a rather scary idea of the colour, it packs a real punch until blended out. Used with a synthetic brush, it gives a really soft contour and bronzed look that you can leave as it or go over with a foundation if you want a subtle glow. On the rare occasion I'm feeling tan-tastic, this primer is the perfect choice. 

Bourjois really seem to be emerging as one to watch this Summer, bravo! 



  1. This sounds like a great dupe for the Chanel. Well done bourjois. x

  2. I love the look of this and what I've heard about it so far. I might have to give this a go!

  3. Going to boots this weekend, this is definitely on my shopping list!:)x


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