Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Home Additions.

Recently, I've been feathering the nest. I'm not sure if it's the change of seasons or my recent obsession with all things interior, but here are a few gems I've collected. 

First and foremost, big up to TKMaxx. I've you've never delved into the Aladdin's cave of homeware you are seriously missing out. It's a dangerous place my friends. 
The gorgeous photo-less photo frame is the exact fit for how I'm liking things at the moment. Clean, fresh and cute. I just need to decide on a photo now! 
Pillow's are courtesy of TK's and a gift from mother. They're a vast improvement to the ancient Habitat numbers that have adorned my bed for yonks. All I need now are two plain white monsters and we're there! 
Finally, I've really got into smells at the moment. I've always been a candle fiend but this cute Bahoma room diffuser is a nice thing to have if you want to come home to a fresh, floral bedroom. The candle* is my latest addition from The Body Shop. The Vanilla & Tonka Bean scent is the perfect warm creamy vanilla that I adore but doesn't smell too sickly that it's hard to stomach. It's a winner. 

What are you adding to your abode this season? 


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