Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Spring Update.

For the first time this week - hold your breath - I went without the usual trillion and went a bit wild. I braved it in just a jumper and a gilet. Hold me back. In my book that means spring has finally arrived in some shape or form. No snow & a splash of sunshine? Spring time. 

In order to motivate myself to add an extra spring to my step (sorry), I've enlisted the help of some rather beautiful little additions. 

The Nail Update. 

Like most of the universe, I've got a serious mint fetish at the moment. If it's mint, I'm there. I took this a step further recently and popped Models Own Apple Pie Nail Polish into my basket. Whilst I'm not overly sold on the 'smell my fingers' aspect of the polish, it's the perfect milky mint shade. It doesn't take a serious amount of work to get an even finish and it lasts pretty well. The scent is rather pleasant too, if a tad bizarre. 

The Phone Update. 

I've been living with the same mock croc leather case for about a year now (girl, you classy.) but spring called for a fresh new look. I need to drag the ol' iPhone into the sunshine with me. Enter this candy cane Kate Spade* wonder. It's a little bulkier than I'm used to, but my phone already feel snug as a bug in it's new silicone and acrylic rug. It's light, fresh and oh so spring/summer. 

The Accessory Update. 

I hit up Forever 21 at the Trafford Centre a couple of weeks ago and as per made a beeline for the shiny things. I came away with a big pack of stacker rings but I mainly bought it for the gold square beauty and it's silver cousin. Simplicity is key my friend. I couldn't leave behind the amazing if slightly fang-like earrings. They just spoke to me, ok? 

What are you updating for Spring? 


*Phone case kindly provided for consideration, the rest is all on me! 


  1. I love the nail polish, i must admit i am very tempted to get it for the fact it smells of apple pie...even if it is a bit weird to have smelly fingernails! :)


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