Thursday, 25 April 2013

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted.

After my latest foray into the world of celebrity perfume, it's sparked a bit of a roll. The latest addition to my no holds barred collection is none other than everyone's favourite teen pop country princess, Taylor Swift with Wonderstruck Enchanted.

First things first, the bottle has far more dressing table appeal than my previous subject and has a pretty, almost middle eastern feel to it. It would fit right in at a Moroccan bazaar, if Moroccan bazaar's did celebrity perfume...the dinky charms hanging from the bottle set it off a treat. 

Let's get down to the good stuff, how does it score in the scent department? 

Before I throw this out there, I acknowledge I'm sailing close to the wind but it had to be done. Everybody knows Janis Ian is the law.

Some may agree, but I don't care. After initially thinking it's too sweet, gourmand and sickly for my usual more unisex taste, I let it settle on my skin and I actually think it's a corker. The seal of approval came this morning when I put my scarf back on after spraying myself last night and forgetting about it. I was met with a fruity vanilla fragrance that was warm and inviting, yet not overpowering. It provides a light feminine relief to the peppery ginger scents I usually favour. 

So Taylor, like your incessantly catchy tunes,Wonderstuck Enchanted is a definite grower that will win you over. It's a definite winner if you're looking for a gift for a teen girl but it can also hold its own if you're slightly older but still want to smell fruity and fresh. 

Thumbs Up Taylor, This is like my sordid love affair with Britter's Fantasy all over again.  


*provided for consideration, although my own thoughts entirely, swear guv'nor. 

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