Friday, 12 April 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte.

For many it's tried and true. For me it's a new discovery. To cut a long and tedious story short, my MAC MSF Natural finally bit the dust, I baulked at the price (Why is MAC sky-rocketing up the price at such an alarming rate?) and decided to give Rimmel Stay Matte Powder a go. I don't rely on powder enough to justify spending lots of hard earned pennies on it so if I can downgrade and still achieve the result I want, why not? 

The only slight issue I had was choosing the right shade. As I only lightly sweep powder over my face to set my make up I knew I wasn't going to pack it on, but I still wanted to avoid a ghost face/orange face drama. I eventually settled on 001 Transparent, which suited my depressingly pale tones. 

So, does it do anything the MAC MSF Natural doesn't do? Nope. It's a quick sweep of powder that keeps me from looking shiny late on into the day. Does it fall short in any way? Perhaps. If I was being ridiculously  picky i'd say the finish isn't quite as soft as the MSF and you can definitely see it on the skin once you've applied it. Light hand required. Does it bother me? Nope. I use powder so little that a light hand is all I require. My last MSF Natural lasted my nearly 2 YEARS. You may get an idea of my usage from that. 

For £3.99, I'll stick to the Rimmel. 

Thumbs Up. 


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  1. i have just ran out of my MSF natural and nipped out to boots to buy this in replacement to save some cash! i used to use this in my teens before i discovered MAC, but i must say i prefer the mac MSF to this. i find i need to use fix + with this to combat the powdery finish. i dont find them very comparable but for the price you cant moan!


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