Friday, 5 April 2013

A Lengthy Issue.

As long as I can remember (excluding an ill advised wedged bob forced upon a 12 year old version of myself - I had extremely tight curls at the time) I've always been in the long swishy swish hair gang. 

Enter shameless self portrait with aforementioned hair. 

I'm fairly sure I had this same hairstyle for about 5 years, no layering/fringes/movement. Just long hair. Snooze. 

More importantly than hair boredom was the fact it was looking so damaged and thin at the ends, it even had me questioning whether I was going bald (I'm not: wipes brow). I took the plunge and booked in to the hairdressers and simply asked her to give it a damn good cut, add a few layers in and make it generally presentable. The result is a lovely shoulder length style that is effortlessly chic and so easy to manage. Here was me thinking that shorter hair just means a world of wrong, so so wrong. For the first time in years I can wake up, run a brush through my hair and deem it acceptable. Having some length off has given it back it's volume and I finally have a bit of body back in the ol' barnet. Hurrah. 

The end result isn't too dramatic, it's just a comfortable, easy going do. My favourite. 

So you get the jist. It's healthy, more body and just a little bit more fun. I like. 

In terms of products i've been using, it's all stayed a much of a muchness. I'm using a lighter formula shampoo & conditioner just to aid the bounce factor & I'm tending to do a day 1 straight day 2 curl it loosely with a conical wand rotation, I'm that wild. 

The only question I keep asking myself, is why on earth didn't I do it sooner? 



  1. It looks lovely, definitely more voluminous! xx

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I had medium-long hair for some times until last Christmas, when I decided it was just not worth to struggle with it every morning, it was damaged and all, so I made the cut (myself) and actually liked it - so refreshing! Like you, I always thought short hair equalled high maintenance but absolutely not! Now I am hoping to grow it back stronger and healthier, especially since I am following a no 'poo regimen x

    1. Me too, that's the end result I want, but I'm just enjoying having shorter locks for a while! x


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