Sunday, 10 March 2013

Going Up/Going Down.

I'm kicking it old school today, but we're talking products. I've had two products this week that have both amazed and disappointed, so why not pop them both in one post.

Going Up.

L'Oreal Telescopic Waterproof.

After several black eye incidents in the gym/pool/...rain I decided I needed to pull my finger out and replace my waterproof mascara. I went with Anna's much raved about choice. She's raving for a reason kids. It holds curl, gives great length and separation and brilliant volume after a coat or two. Just make sure you've got your make up remover to hand at the end of the day, patience is required to budge this beauty!

Going Down.

Barry M Gelly Polish in Lychee.

Now, Barry M have really turned a corner recently. I'd begun to get tired of what they had to offer but I've become re-obsessed with the range thanks to the Gelly & Nail Effects Nail Paints came to the market. It's not so much the actual product. It's just the colour. Blurgh, not generally, but next to my skintone? Blurgh. It's rather bizarre as Essie's Sand Tropez ranks amongst my all time favourites, and they're not worlds apart. Lychee just registers slightly too far on the yellow side for me. Sorry Barry! I'm sure I'll find a good home for it though...

What Going Up or Down for you this week?



  1. Ah it's a shame you don't like the colour, I do sort of want to try these for the texture though. Just need to grow my nails now!


    1. Do, the other colours are great, Lychee is a nice colour too, it just does nothing next to my skintone :)


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