Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Lipstick Project: YSL Rouge Volupte No 2 Sensual Silk

Oh YSL, Why do you have to be so damn pretty? 

This my friends, is the sort of lipstick you want to reapply in public and maybe throw a "just one second, I need to use my BEAUUTIFUL lipstick" in for good measure. 

If I was judging on packaging alone, it wins hands down. But I'm just not sold on the contents. 

It all works on paper. It's a warm toned nude that suits most skin tones and the product itself has a dreamy texture, it glides onto the lips. 

But I just can't get on with it. It clings to any hint of dry lip and has very questionable lasting power. It's a good job you actually want to flaunt this lipstick in public because you need to reapply this regularly. 

It's a definite splurge product but I don't rate it if you want a lipstick that lasts all day. 

It still doesn't mean I won't keep it in my purse just for the kudos though...



  1. I really don't rate these lipsticks at all and I can never understand why they are so raved about! it just feels so thick and greasy on the lip and it you're right despite being thick and greasy it doesn't last and it does cling to every flaw!

  2. O.M.G, FINALLY someone who doesn't think they're amazing :L I have a bright red one and I never wear it cause I find the formula that slippy that I just know it'll somehow end up on my nose/temple at some point during the day. Worst lipstick ever in my opinion.

  3. I completely agree I HATE these lipsticks they feel horrible like its just 'sitting' on my lips I had to give mine away. xx


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