Monday, 14 January 2013

Ginger Nut.

It is safe to say, I'm having a bit of a renewed love affair with Ginger at the moment. It just yields the perfect balance between a warm inviting scent but the fresh, spicy slap in the face the scent provides is why it will always score highly in my book. I caught myself last night applying the products above, whilst burning the candle above and eating a ginger oatcake. It has no boundaries. 

In particular I've been obsessed with these three products. 

I'm an existing lover of the Origins Ginger Essence, I was more than happy when I received this at Christmas .Almost like a hybrid between a cream and a lighter lotion, it sinks into the skin leaving it soft and most importantly smelling like the good stuff. I've been using this on my legs in particular as it's the perfect solution if you're in a rush and need to pull on skinny jeans in an instant. I mean, have you tried doing that with a Body Butter? No Bueno.

My sister knows me well. After toting around a full size bottle of the stuff in my handbag, I was forever complaining about losing the lid. Enter the rollerball. I'm a big fan of rollerballs as they just make sense when you're travelling. Light, easy to use and if you're in a public situation, not everybody appreciates a spritz of your latest fragrance in there mouth/eyes/general direction. The slight hint of citrus makes this the perfect scent to perk you up after a hard day or apply straight from the shower. An absolute winner. 

The perfect balance between the woody Christmas scents I've been burning and the fresh floral scents I don't yet feel ready to embrace, it's a warming scent that almost has a spa quality about it. Herbal but clean. Unfortunately I can't find this on the website and I presume it's gone MIA as I bought it a little while ago. One quick note about MUJI candles in general, they smoke like a bitch if you don't keep an eye on the length of the wick. My ceiling can testify... 

What's your favourite scent of the moment? 


  1. Ooh, these look lovely, I love ginger too! My favourite winter scent though has to be coconut - reminds me of summer holidays! xx


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