Thursday, 6 December 2012

Inside The Bathroom Cabinet.

Next to a woman's handbag, the contents of her bathroom cabinet are always telling. Here is a sneak peek into mine. Now, I'm only showing you the presentable shelf, it's really the only shelf that matters here.
 In many ways the contents of my bathroom cabinet are very similar to my handbag, slightly 'eclectic'. The other shelves contain a mixture of the obligatory smelly man things,  out of date suncream and paint tester pots. If I tell you I've been unwittingly carrying two cans of minestrone soup around in my handbag for the last few days, all should fall into place. If anything this post has shamed me into a sort out. 

In fact, this shelf is a major improvement on previous states. I've managed to slim it down to products that I actually use rather than things that look pretty but are largely redundant. 

Taking centre stage is my new love, the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm . Yes it's the choice of every blogger under the sun right now, but it's for a reason. This stuff is good. It cleanses without stripping and gently exfoliates without being abrasive when used with a flannel/muslin cloth. I've been mixing a little bit of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant* in with it every other evening to just shift the slightly drier skin that the winter brings. You may have noticed the antithesis of the Emma Hardie Cleanser behind in the form of the Boots Botantics Microdermabrasion Polish. This is an abrasive mother. I use it probably once every two weeks if that. I tend to use a pea sized amount and just concentrate on the sides of my nose and forehead, I wouldn't dream of scrubbing away on any delicate areas with this stuff, you'd be red raw in no time. 
Colgate Max White One is quickly becoming my preferred toothpaste, it may all be psychological but I don't care. Whiter teeth will be mine! 
The other sneaky products hiding in the back are the Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser, my absolute stalwart if my skin is going mad. The N-Spa Melting Cleansing Gel is a top shout if you're on a budget, it working in a similar way to the Emma Hardie Balm Cleanser and is pretty well on the chemical nasties front to. If you want a similar affect but are watching the pennies, I'd suggest giving this a go. 
Finally, my little Clarisonic-a-like is still going strong, but is as elusive as ever. Keep an eye out in TK Maxx! 

What's lurking in your bathroom cabinet? 

Laura xx


  1. I have had to order a back up Emma Hardie Cleanser, it is amazing!


  2. Currently using up a Emma Hardie sample I got in a beauty box. i will probably be purchasing it full size as its so nice! Smells delish!

    Leanne @ xx


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