Monday, 26 November 2012

Signature Scents of 2012.

Signature Scents

I'm all about a signature scent. I may be fickle when it comes to a whiff of the good stuff, but deep down I'm a loyal old soul and always return to a few perfumes. 

The rag tag collection of bottles above are just a few of the scents that have wafted in and out of my life over the past year and they have all served me well. 

When I think of a signature scent, I just can't imagine sticking to one fragrance day in, day out, for every occasion. I think perfume is the final device that when getting ready can really set your mood. I wouldn't dream of spritzing the ever refreshing Origins Ginger Essence for a night out on the town, as I associate it with feeling clean, fresh and ready to face to the day. Similarly with Vivienne Westwood Boudoir, it's overwhelming powdery notes wouldn't feel right in the office .  

This year, Tom Ford has come crashing into my life. Black Orchid has been a dominate player in my fragrance collection and has by far garnered the most compliments. I almost feel like it's a bit of chameleon, it settles well on the skin so it's not too overpowering for daytime, but has dark enough notes to be a sexy night time scent too. If I had to pick the signature scent of 2012 for me, this might be it. 

I've really enjoyed Molton Brown's offerings this year, Valbonne hits the nail on the head when it comes to unisex fragrances and Alpuldre was a summer stallwart. Highly recommended for sure. 

Jimmy Choo EDT rushed in and out of my life like a whirlwind, it's an addictive sweet scent but it hasn't left me craving more once the bottle ran dry. This surely gets a blogger hype award! 

Finally, a recent rediscovery in the form of an excellent Glossybox sample, is Burberry body. I received a sample of this quite a while ago and whilst it was a lovely fresh fragrance, passed me by. The small perfectly formed bottle has re-awakened by love of the perfume. It's fresh, clean and makes the perfect post gym shower scent. If an award existed, it'd be the start of something special award. 

Which fragrances have coloured your 2012? 

Laura xx

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