Monday, 24 September 2012

Favourite Autumn Shades: Nails.

So, can we officially call it Autumn now? It's like the switch has been flipped this week and we've been thrown right into chunky knit, hot chocolate and whacking on the fire territory. 

Before you think this is a rant, I LOVE IT. 

So, like any self confessed beauty fanatic would do, I wrapped my four favourite autumn polish shades up in a cosy blanket (You all would do that, right?) and decided to let you all know why I love them. 

Yes, it's a griege. Yes, It's been done to death, resurrected, then killed off again. But it really is the easiest shade to whack on when the weather turns a bit gloomy. It's a staple. I'm not saying you need this particular shade, but something similar will see you through the season in sensible style. 

Hell, this isn't just one of my favourite Autumnal shades, it's one of my all time favourites. Effortlessly chic in one coat, I almost look forward to the end of summer just so I can pop this on. 

It's a rich raspberry shade with a delicious wax finish. Released with the A/W 2011 collection, Theatre of the Nameless, it's a perfect splash of colour without feeling too old hat. Stunning with a half moon manicure done with a high shine topcoat.   

The perfect antidote to the previous high end offerings, this cool purple shade far surpasses it's reasonable price tag in the sophistication stakes. If I'm not sure what I'm going to wear or what look I'm going for, I'll almost always reach for this shade as it has the uncanny ability to blend well with any outfit I throw together. I shy away from this during summer as I'd much rather play with obnoxious neon shades, so welcome back into the fold Delicate...

What are you top autumnal picks? 

Laura x


  1. love the shades you've chosen, right up my street ! x

  2. Lincoln Park After Dark is one of my all-time favourites, it epitomises autumn for me :)


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