Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Zara Studded Slippers.

I didn't go into Zara for studded grandad slippers, but I couldn't leave without them. 

I've desperately tried to resist hopping on the studded slipper trend, but these are just so damn cute. 

How could I resist a shot of soft nude and a double dose of gold studding? Well, I couldn't. 

I prefer these to less structured ballet flats as they give a bit more support and don't leave my feet looking too 'flat'. 

I dare you. 

Laura xx


  1. ohh they are beautiful!!! much nicer in the camel than the black i think!

    1. Totally agree, they're a lot softer and easier to pop on with most things without looking like you're trying to be 'edgy'! xx

  2. These are so pretty - I've been eyeing them up on the website for a while :)

  3. I love the colour, it's gorgeous!


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