Tuesday, 3 July 2012

NARS Foreplay Palette

I mentioned in my last post that I was currently lusting after NARS blush in a big way. The press release that popped into my inbox yesterday has only intensified it.

NARS Foreplay Palette
 The (Sephora Exclusive...Sob) Foreplay Palette has chosen to de-construct the cult Orgasm blush so you can create your perfect combination. I love the idea of getting the peach-pink hue without loading on the golden highlight, but, equally going to town with the shimmer when the mood takes me.
If you're within reach of a Sephora, I'm a) ridiculously envious and b) implore you to go and check this out.

Available August 1 at Sephora & sephora.com




  1. That palette is so beautiful. sephora exclusive. :(

  2. Wow wow wow. I love the sound of this palette!



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