Friday, 29 June 2012

Top 5 MAC Blushers.

When it comes to MAC, I've really fallen out of step with new collections/products and to be frank, just don't get excited by them like I used to. 

But, there is no denying they do some good stuff. 

So, here's a quick round up of my favourite MAC blushers. 


I use this not as a blush, but as a contour. It's the perfect shade to sculpt and define and doesn't look to dirty on the skin. I apply it with the Real Techniques contour brush and I rarely reach for anything else. 


Can you tell I bloody love this blusher? 

It's the perfect peach flush with a hint of gorgeous shimmer that gives you a glow whilst avoiding the disco ball look. The reason I love this particular blush so much is that you can whack it on in seconds and it perks your skin up and makes you look healthy. A true all rounder.


This is the only cream blush I own from MAC but I do adore it. It's a lot more bubblegum pink in the flesh but is a great one to just lift your cheek colour but still look as natural as possible. 


Definitely the darker, more intense version of style. It has a pinker tone running through the blush and falls right into the NARS Orgasm family of blushers. A quick and easy blush to apply but I tend to go easy with it as the shimmer can sometimes look too much on me during the day. 


Probably one of my favourites. The satin finish makes it a dream for the daytime and I love wearing this during the summer when I want to look healthy but not too overdone. I also love the fact it's without shimmer as I can add a spot of highlight separately wherever I choose.

Overall, I adore my MAC Blushers but I'm not sure i'll be expanding my favourites just yet. I've got a penchant for NARS blusher right now that just won't go away! 

All available HERE

Laura xx


  1. I love style! unfortunately i don't use it enough as I have it in my blush palette and for some reason those blushes never get enough love. great post! <3

  2. Springsheen is one I always love on other people but think never looks 'right' on me, so it's currently sitting unloved in my drawer, but this post has pursuaded me to get it back out and try again :L I really want Harmony but I have so much unused make up I'm putting myself on a total ban!


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