Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Quick Fire Review: HD Brow Beater

HD Brow Beater. Is is really better than a clear mascara? 

Honest Answer. 

I really can't tell, but I like it. 

This product claims to set brows into place and even claims that over time it will train your brows into their correct position over time. 

It's slipped very easily into my daily routine as it takes seconds to brush through your brows. I use it with the HD Brow Palette in Vamp & I'm pleased with the results. 

My only gripe is that if you apply a bit too liberally it can cause the brow powder you've just applied to smudge, not a good look. 

I have had a few compliments about my brows since I've used it, but I'm not sure I can attribute it simply to the Brow Beater. 

It's a nice product and for a girl who never used to 'set my brows' it's a step I'll continue to keep up. Whether I'll fork out £14.95 for a replacement tube when this runs out, we'll see... 

Laura xx

*PR Sample, but all killer, no filler!

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