Thursday, 17 May 2012

Product of the Week: L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

As summer is attempting to poke its head out through the dismal grey skies, I've stepped up my summer maintenance routine as more skin starts to go on show. Whilst opaque tights and chunky knits can hide a whole host of sins, I'd rather not be sporting pale dry pins in my denim shorts. 

Enter L'Occitane Huile de Douche...Almond Shower Oil for the non French speakers. 

This ended up in my basket after trawling feel unique a couple of weeks ago, and intially felt like a bit of an unessesary splurge. I have a whole host of bath and shower products that I need to use up and I really didn't need another oil sitting in my bathroom. 


The shower oil has landed. 

Unlike any of the oils I'd used previously, the lathers into a rich cream when it hits wet skin, leaving you with the softest skin that smells like delicate marzipan. 
It's not too sweet and doesn't leave a film on the skin, just moisturised & delicious! 

I've been using this as a shaving oil and boy does it deliver, it lets the razor glide and leaves me with legs to rival a Venus advert...i'm your fire, your desireeee. 

Excuse me. 

 If you can swallow the price tag (£16.00 for 250ml) you won't regret it. A worthy splurge. 

Available from here with free shipping. 

Laura xxx


  1. I got this today and have just used it for the first time...I think this maybe my new addiction xx

  2. I have been eyeing this up for a while, so I'm glad you reviewed it! Might have to treat myself one day :-)

  3. I have just got this and I love it! x

  4. defintely going to pick this up! some cheeky bottles on ebay at the moment!


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