Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Nail Treats.

As I've been worshipping at the alter of Shellac for a wee while, I've not indulged in any new nail polish. But,  I missed chopping and changing my nail colour so decided to take a break from Shellac and hit up Boots. 

I went for... 

I'm a bit obsessed with the Essie shade right now, so much so that the others have only had a slight look in. I will add that Ibiza Mix = Disappointing. Far too sheer and watery, it takes about 4 coats to just achieve a slight glitter nail. When I do glitter, I mean glitter. Bitch. 

Over & Out. 

Laura xx


  1. Always like the look of Models Own Ibiza Mix...having second thoughts now :(


    1. It's soo pretty in the bottle, but packs far less of a punch on the nails xx

  2. I hate when glitter nail polishes don't turn out the way they have to! Apart from that, those nail polishes look so pretty :)

  3. Great picks ! xx


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