Friday, 20 April 2012

Shopping the Stash.

Recently, I've been on my own little project to delve into the depths of my make up drawers and drag out some well loved, but thoroughly neglected products. 

It only took a little prompt by Anna to tell you about it! 

Products I've Been Loving... 

NARS Monoi Body Glow II 
Maybelline Color Sensational in Ambre Rose 112
Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Emerge
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Temptress 
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer 
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot 
Random Taupe Eyeshadow. 

The Lowdown.

I've recently become a little bit preoccupied with using body oils, I've been working my way through several, (Arbonne Seasource 5 in 1 is a wonder for shaving) but NARS Monoi Body Glow is definitely the most luxurious, It has a delicate floral scent that sends me to the tropics whenever I sniff it, I'm almost considering splashing out on the full size. 
When it comes to lips, I really struggle to explore the sheer amount of products I have. In future, I must remember I only have one mouth! In my quest I've fallen upon a much raved about and previous old favourite, Ambre Rose. It's such an easy peach/pink shade that anybody could pull off, but it really does come into it's own with a bit of a tan. 
I have two cheek products that I've been enjoying, I went mental on Illamasqua's Emerge when It first came into my possession, then as always it was swapped out for other options. This applies like a dream when used in conjunction with Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki and is amazing as a base for a peach shimmer or just simply worn alone. 
ELF's Mineral Eyeshadow in Temptress isn't technically a cheek product, but what can I say, I'm a maverick...
I adore the soft dusky rose colour and the matte texture is foolproof in the daytime. Love. 
Naturally, a couple of MAC products have found their way into the mix. The Studio Sculpt Concealer is purely here as I need to use it up, It's ok but nowhere near a favourite. Bare Study was simply left on the shelf due to my lazyness with eyeshadow, If I can be bothered at all I'll grab Urban Decay's Primer Potion so I've been enjoying getting this out! (Sidenote: £14.50 for a Paint Pot?!) 
Finally, I've had this taupe eyeshadow sitting in my drawer for an age, I can't tell you who it is or where it's from but it is bloody lovely. It's the perfect cool tones, easy to wear shade and even encourages the ultimate eyeshadow shunner to give it a go! 

Have you shopped your stash recently?

Laura xx


  1. The mystery taupe looks familiar to me, shape and colour - could it be a No7 one? I had the same one and depotted it years ago (think I've got rid of it now though), can't for the life of me remember what the name of it was though! x

    1. I literally have no idea, that could be a possible though! I've obviously got carried away with the depotting at some point, it shall remain a mystery...x

  2. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

    1. Haha, that did make me smile! Glad you enjoyed it x

  3. The bare study paint pot looks really great, I really should invest ! xx

  4. Being at uni I have been shopping my stash in order to save money, not only have I fallen back in love with many once loved products but when I finally do have money in the summer I feel I can buy new products as have used up many of the old ones. win-win situation x

  5. good idea! i always dont rmb what i actually have hehe

    xoxo elle

    1. It's a great way to find yourself a new look without spending any pennies :)


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