Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Quest for Bouncy Hair.

I've caught the bug: bigger is definitely better. 

I've dabbled in the odd bit of back combing or occasionally put a few curls in with straighteners, but it general I tend to wear my hair straight. Ironically, if I left my hair alone, I'd have a head of the tightest corkscrew curls you've ever seen...I'll leave you to work that one out. 

It all started when I decided to use my friends curling wand before we were went out for a impromptu drink, it was love at first curl. Far less uniform and 'prom' than curling with a straightening iron, not forgetting it is so much easier. 

I went out the next day and bought one...

The Bellazza 1 inch Curling Wand to be exact. 

It's not fancy, it was from TKMaxx for £19.99 but it works wonders. 

Add the Umberto Giannini Incredible Body line into the mix, and I'm left with bouncy hair to rival Kate Middleton. 

I simply run some Old School Setting Lotion* through my hair on a brush before blow drying, then again spraying some on the brush and running it through my hair before curling. 

After I've curled my hair, I then spray a liberal amount of the Root Boost Volume Spray* through my hair in the roots and through the curls for good measure. FYI: this is incredibly similar to the infamous 'Backcomb in a Bottle', the ingredients list is almost identical...

The Results? 

I think we're on the right path... 

Laura x


  1. very bouncy, looks good! would you recommend that wand?

    1. For the money I paid for it, definitely, I'd have a look in your TKMaxx for a similar one! x

  2. You look lovely hun :)

    Sarah xx

  3. Your hair looks amazing styles this way, I really need to find a good curling wand that works for me as it is so long to do with a straightening iron ! xx


  4. I've been looking everywhere for a review of the setting spray, thank you for writing one! Having read this and seen your fab picture I'll definitely be trying it out for myself now, thank you! XX


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