Monday, 26 March 2012

Shellac Cityscape.

Getting Shellac has been on my beauty to do list for months. A chance wander by my local beauty salon resulted in me booking in for my first manicure, Shellac style.

After much deliberation with the lovely beautician Amy, we went for an eye catching combination of Cityscape, a delicate dove grey from the new Spring 2012 collection and a good dose of fine gold glitter, set with clear Shellac. 

Amy is definitely on my wave length when it comes to nails, she told me recently she set some hundreds and thousands in clear Shellac which sounds like my idea of heaven! 

The process itself was fuss free, a quick tidy up of my nails and cuticles was followed by a quick clean of the nail to remove any excess oil/dirt etc. 
A base coat is applied and cured under the UV lamp.
Next is the colour itself, I'm in love with the colour I chose. I wanted something that would last 2 weeks without clashing with anything I wanted to wear. This combination ticks every box! 
The colour is cured under the UV lamp and then a super shiny topcoat is applied and cured again. 
A quick swipe with IPA and the inhibition layer is removed, leaving you with flawless nails for up to 2 weeks, what's not to love?! 

It's safe to say I'm now a Shellac convert and will be returning to have them done again. The service itself costs £20 but I'm more than happy to pay if it means I can forget about nail maintenance! 

Do you Shellac? 

Laura xx


  1. Loving these colours, I really like the contrast between the neutral colour on all the nails and the accent nails ! xx


  2. I've not tried Shellac yet but have always wanted to, they always look so neat and glossy. Yours look beautiful, great choice of shades :) x

  3. I love how this looks together! Shellac manis always looks so neat and clean! I love the idea of hundreds and thousands! xx

    1. Me too, i'm tempted to ask to have it done :) x

  4. Absolutely love this colour and the gold glitter accent nail, very pretty indeed!


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