Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hot Shots 010.

Gummy Bear Line Up - MAC Blissed Out - Pavlova - Daffodils - Umberto Giannini Genius - LADsda - Shadow Animals - Umberto Giannini: The Results - Shellac - By the River - Raiding the Domino's Pizza Menu - Sushi in the Sun - Refresher Lolly. 

I'm pretty sure this instalment should be entitled, what I've scoffed over the last two weeks...I appear to photograph everything I eat. 
I went down the London this weekend to party on down and it was so nice to see all of my friends, catch up, and most importantly celebrate! 
I've been loving massive hair recently, so I've trying to get to grips with big curls, I'm not there yet but i'm trying...
The little taste of Summer we're having at them moment is nearly enough to get my to break out the gladiators and jump right into Summer, I'm high on Vitamin D! 

Laura xx

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