Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hot Shots 009.

Woodland Walks - Fresh Black Leigh Jeans - Chicken - Pretty Flowers - Health Boost - Bag of the Day - Bouffant - Branded by a Conical Wand. 

Just a collection of things that have made me happy this week, apart from the disgusting burn on my wrist that is. 
I decided to take my camera out at work on Saturday and get snapping, I don't think I could wish to work in a prettier place. 
I'm also officially obsessed with Leigh Jeans, I've practically been living in my burgundy pair and despite buying some very similar black jeggings from Zara, they just weren't cutting the mustard. Baggy bum after a day plus fraying of the hem and just general signs of poor quality, not cool Zara, not cool. 
I've been fully converted to the conical wand, I borrowed (stole) my friends conical wand to trial and I'm definitely going to be investing in my own. It's so much easier to create loose, textured waves whilst still keeping volume. It beats doing it with a straightener hands down. The only downside, branding myself in several places with suspicious looking red rings. But they do say you must suffer for your art. 

Laura xx

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