Saturday, 18 February 2012

Quick Fire Review: MUA 3in1 Extreme Contour Eye Pen.

What Does It Claim To Do? 

MUA claim "by using the angles of the nib, this fantastic eye pen creates 3 different looks whatever the occasion" 
Available in a range of colours, I went down the safe route and plumped for black. 
By playing with the thickness of the pen, you can either go for a slick defined line, go all out and coat the lid, or go smudgy and smoky.
All for £1.50.

What Does It Actually Do?

It works to a point, the angled nib give you different effects and if soft, pliable eye products float your boat, you can't go wrong for £1.50. It lands far more over on the smudgy side once applied however to claim that you can get perfect definition. 

The Verdict. 

Before I begin, I just want to slap a massive £1.50 disclaimer on this, I mean £1.50! You can't ask the earth for less than a couple of quid and you get a decent product if you're willing to work with this. 
It's a creamy, waxy product that will delight some and horrify others. It's not going to last forever without some serious priming and sealing and the pigmentation just isn't that rich. 
Considering it's a nifty little paint stick not unlike a far more expensive MAC version, it's worth a chance. It's a one way ticket to grunge heaven.

Where Can I Find It? 

HERE or at Superdrug stores nationwide. 

Laura x


  1. I bought this too - love it, i do agree that reapplication after a little while is necessary though! But for £1.50, who am I to complain?!

    Jen xx

  2. Oh this looks very interesting ! xx

  3. This sounds like a good product, will definitely have a look in Superdrug next time I'm there! It looks a little more brown in the swatches than black though, is it better on the eye?

    Christina x

    1. It is black, but it's not the blackest black if that makes sense! It needs a good few swipes to build up depth of colour x


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