Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Real Techniques.

If you don't know about Pixiwoo, 1. Where have you been? 2. Go and educate yourselves now! 

One half of the dynamic make up duo, Samantha Chapman bought out her very own range of brushes in 2011, and I have been fighting the urge to indulge ever since. 

When I found them on sale for £17.99 on Love Make Up , It tipped the balance. They were mine. 

I plumped for the core collection. Containing four essential face brushes, each made from ridiculously - rub it on your cheek - soft taklon fibres, they'd act as a therapeutic tool if nothing else. 

Luckily, that's not the case. 

A quick rundown. 

Contour Brush. 

As far as contouring goes, I've stuck strong to my MAC 168. I haven't picked it up once since this took up residence in my brush kit. It's the perfect size to really contour into the hollow of you cheekbone, it picks up just the right amount of colour and blends beautifully. 

Pointed Foundation Brush.

I'm not really one for flat foundation brushes, and this hasn't really changed my mind. But it's an absolute winner for cleaning up under the eyes or getting right into the corner of your nose. It's the perfect shade and density to place the product without streaking. 

Detailer Brush.

Despite the large collection of brushes I own, I've never felt the need to use a small concealer brush like this one. However, this little brush is perfect for precision touch up's to create a (clich√© warning) flawless face. 
The synthetic fibres make it brilliant for using with most concealers and place the product well. 

Buffing Brush.

I've saved the best till last. I love this brush. It's soft, it's dense, it's delicious. 
I've used it both with powder products and cream products and it's a dream to work with, it's blends and buffs with ease and is just a lovely tool to have. It's not as dense as my trusty Sigma F82, but the extra flexibility is welcomed. 


Overall, I can't really say a bad word against the brush set. I'm not raving about the pointed foundation brush, but that's personal preference. The brush performs just as well as the others and is made well. 
The design of the brushes might not be to everyone's taste, but they certainly cut a distinct silhouette. You won't be confusing these with another brand anytime soon. 
My one gripe is with the case/stand. I just can't get over the fact it feels like a shoulder pad. It feels cheap and doesn't do what's nestling inside any justice. But, if that's my only issue, we're doing well! 
Obviously aimed at beginners, they're clearly marked with what they do and the box is clearly labelled with instructions/tutorials etc. 
Value for money is obvious, four top quality brushes for under £20, we're not doing too bad. I have noticed they are back to £20.99 now, but I'd still pay happily. 

Sam, I applaud you. 



  1. Desperate to get my hands on these brushes, they look great! xoxo

  2. @Grace, for the quality of the brush, they're amazing value x

  3. so pleased you invested in these at such a great, go get 'em price! I love them so much, totally with you on the cheek strokability factor! x


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