Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years "Blogolutions".

Excuse the excruciating play on resolutions, It was the best of a bad bunch. 

I'm not a massive believer in making a long list of resolutions. If you want to make a change, you don't need to wait until the January 1st to do it. 


I feel today is a good as any to make a few blog based resolutions, maybe it'll inspire you to do the same? 

 1. Post Regularly, Post Well. 

As much as I love it, The Beauty Spark is not my job. Inevitably life can get in the way and I can find a week has passed without a peep from me on here. I hope to change that, but I also hope to keep producing posts that I'm proud of. Sometimes I feel I need to post at any cost, and I'm not afraid to admit that I will write something a little bit half hearted just to keep up activity. 
Right now, I'm feeling inspired. I have things I want to talk about, things I've discovered and things I want you all to know about. 

2. Project Comment 2012. 

Ask any blogger what they most enjoy about they do, and they will most probably answer that interaction with readers and other bloggers is one of the most rewarding parts of blogging. 
I will be the first to admit, that despite being a big reader, I'm a terrible commenter. It's good to let people know what you think and share ideas, so I hereby pledge that when I read any post and think of something to say, I'll say it. 
I won't however, be trawling every post I read and leaving a benign 'great post' comment, unless I mean it. Agreed? 

3. Branch Out. 

If you haven't already guessed, the majority of what The Beauty Spark is about is, well, Beauty. I adore talking, reading, watching beauty related things. But I also have other interests. 
I've written posts in the past that don't fall into the 'beauty arena' and they have got a really positive response. Do you mind mixing it up on here, or would a separate 'extras' blog be better? I think I'd like to do it, but obviously I'd like you guys on board! 

4. Enjoy, Relax. 

It would be hard to miss that the blogging community has developed considerably over the last few years. When I began in 2009 (2009?!), it was a different place. I don't think all of the changes have been for the better, but similarly "blogger power" is an amazing thing that will only grow. Bloggers are being encouraged to think more strategically, more tactically about what they do. But remembering to enjoy your little corner of the internet and not get to focused on the mechanics is just as important. So I'm going to breath, keep doing what I do, and hope you enjoy it too. 

So there we have it, blogolutions (it's a really terrible term isn't it?) on the table. 

Let's make 2012 a good year, here's to hoping the Mayans got it wrong! 

What are you Blogolutions? 

Laura xxx


  1. Such an interesting post lovely :) I should add post regularly, post well to my list!

    Hope you had a merry christmas & best wished for 2012 :)

  2. @Lily, It's a good mantra! I hope 2012 is fruitful for you! x

  3. I'm loving seeing everyone's goals for 2012, definitely need to get a post up on my own blog!

  4. id like to be able to post at a specific time and day but ill never manage that haha


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