Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mavala Elle Polish.

I was perusing the ailses of Boots last week, and I decided to crouch down and investigate the rather unappealing Mavala stand, it was messy, disorganised and didn't look promising. But I hit upon a little bit of Gold. 

As all beauty 'enthusiasts' will know, we tend to keep a mental note of many of the products that tickle our fancy in almost encyclopaedic fashion, and I'd filed this little nail polish away nearly 2 years ago (!) when I noticed it on this post by Yinka. We have a scary ability for product recall... 

It was a complete impulse buy, and I didn't think it would be a particularly useful addition to my already overflowing 'sludge collection'. 

It goes on in 2 coats, it's a beautiful creamy mink colour with a purple undertone. It's not left my nails for about a week. 

This is my first encounter with Mavala, and so far it's a winner. 

Laura xx


  1. I love Malava polishes, but I always find they chip quite easily.. Still think I need to try this shade though, it's lovely :)


    1. That's the one thing I'm yet to put to the test, hopefully the Seche Vite will help it! x

  2. Ohh this is a lovely colour! I haven't tried Mavala out yet.
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  3. This nail polish looks amazing !! I feel like this would be a perfect combo between gray-purple and taupe ! xx



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