Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Lipstick Project: MAC Jazzed

When I began the Lipstick Project, I expected to rediscover some long lost favourites, but I also fully expected to have a few "what was I thinking" moments...

Case in point, MAC Jazzed. When this came out with the In The Groove collection in 2010 (I just googled it and can't believe it's been sitting in my drawer for that long!) I remember this being one of the must have items. I'm glad to say now I try very hard to stay away from hype, and this is a good example of why! 

I'm just not 'jazzed' about Jazzed. It's far to orange for my skin tone, and despite it being a Creamsheen formula, It just relentlessly accentuates every last bit of dryness on my lips. 

Jazzed is a great example of lipstick that looks to die for in the tube and even on the hand, but unless wearing your swatches with pride becomes the next hot thing, I'm out. 

I will concede, this look miles better when you have a bit of a tan, but when I'm rocking my Pale Pauline look, it just washes me out. Surprisingly, the only way I've found to make this colour wearable, is to neutralise it slightly with Myth...a notorious corpse colour! 

You win some, you lose some! 

Laura xx


  1. Aw it's a lovely shade.. really reminds me of rimmel's nude delight x

  2. I love the creamsheen formulas, but I'm also not a massive fan of the Jazzed colour! lovely post!

    Megan-Elizabeth xx

    1. I generally love Creamsheen too, I just think it's this shade! x

  3. I actually think that looks really pretty on you! And it's so scary to think 2010 was 2 years ago!!

    1. I know, I couldn't believe it was that long ago when I checked it out! x

  4. I really like your 'Lipstick Project' idea, I too have loads of lipsticks and always seem to reach for 2/3 all the time so the others rarely get used. I might give this a go! I hate it when you buy a lipstick, try it on and it doesn't suit you! Guess it helps you to learn what colours suit you and what colours don't :)


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