Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hair Inspiration.

As far as my hair goes, I'm pretty low maintenance, I get it cut every couple of months and I haven't experimented past "a few long layers to give it some movement" for about three years. But, recently the urge to try something new has wheedled its wicked way back into my conciousness. 

After a string of interesting hair styles in my teens (I don't think I'll ever live the ill advised chunky blonde highlights down), I've learnt that sometimes, safe can be OK. Safe can occasionally be more than OK! 

But, I'm dreaming of hair like this...

Le sigh. 

I think as spring/summer approaches I'm going to take the plunge. I don't particuarly want all out 'ombre' as I think it's a bit past it's best. But a more sublte 'Balayage' look might be for me. 

I have quite warm undertones in my hair already (I haven't worked out if it's natural or from the ill advised canary stripes) but the best result would be to accentuate that. Think a light hitting the hair colour. 

I snapped a quick shot of my hair this morning (ignore hoodie, no make up, rabbit in headlights) in the bright sunshine. It's not a brilliant shot but it's picked up the colour I want, what do you think?  

Laura xx


  1. I love the bronde colour go for it, it flatters most people and is low maintenance too, I actually had it then went darker then regretted it!!!! xx

    1. I think I've convinced myself to do it, also, I've never heard the bronde term before, but love it! xx

  2. ha ha yeah theres also blondette too! xx

  3. I LOVE Lily Aldridge's hair !! I think you should definitely try it on yours ! xx


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