Friday, 25 November 2011

Try Before You Buy: Dermalogica Skin Kit.

Denouncing Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish has brought about two small, but irritating problems. 

1. C&P was one of my staple skincare items, without it I was left in the dermal wilderness, just me, a packet of simple wipes and a cry of despair. 

2. I'd gotten into a lazy, loveless relationship with C&P. I hadn't bothered to see what was on the market, and quite frankly didn't care. So, when it came to committing myself to a new skincare routine, I was less than enthusiastic about getting back out on the market. 

Enter Dermalogica Skin Kit.

It came from the most unlikely of sources. My Stepdad. Like a skincare cupid he threw this kit my way after being given it somewhat inexplicably at work. 

But, when one is handed Dermalogica, one accepts with no questions... 

The kit itself comes with 4 generous samples and a full size lip treatment. Not bad for the £18.00 price tag I've found it here for. 

Included is: 

Special Cleansing Gel 50ml. 
Multi-Active Toner 50ml. 
Skin Prep Scrub 22ml.
Active Moist 22ml. 
Climate Control Lip Treatment (Full Size).

Hidden behind the cardboard is also a sachet of pre-cleanse and a face mask, which is a nice bonus, and a sneaky surprise as I only found them today...

As far as performance goes, I'm getting on well with most of it. The Cleanse/Tone part of the kit have filled a  gaping hole and are doing a sterling job without sending my skin around the bend. I have however, refused to take a gamble on the moisturiser, I'm sticking with Oilatum for now. 
I was most excited about the Skin Prep Scrub as the absense of a daily polish with a muslin cloth had left my skin as dull as a tramps pants. 

The 'Climate Control Lip Treatment' isn't anything to write home about, but it's a good one to chuck in the handbag. 

Overall, if you're sticking a tentative toe back into the skincare pool after breaking up with a beloved, or just fancy a change. Dermalogica have got it all wrapped up. 

Laura xx

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  1. I adore Dermalogica and I too found myself involved with it after a liaison with a skin kit randomly - it'll be a relationship for life now!


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