Saturday, 12 November 2011

Princess Nails.

As previously mentioned in the last post, I'm slightly obsessed with Models Own Pink Fizz at the moment.

If you add Deborah Lipmann's Polish in Before He Cheats, the result is surprisingly wearable Princess Nails! Apologies for the awful winter cuticles...I've misplaced my Wonderbalm and it's killing me.

It's a match made in sugar sweet heaven and makes a welcome change from my usual dark winter nail, the only downfall? You will find yourself staring at aforementioned glitter nail and making it sparkle in the light, possibly not one for those with attention issues...(myself included). 



  1. Ohh this is pretty! Deborah lipman is a brand I've yet to try, I keep going in to Frasers to look at the colour selection but I'm not sure whether it's better buying online/ebay! z

  2. @Nicola, I'm afraid I can't really advise you as this is the only DL polish I own! x


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