Friday, 11 November 2011

Glitter Glitter Glitter.

When you write Glitter repeatedly it starts to look strange...ANYWAY. Enough, look GLITTER! 

(l-r Pink Fizz, Juicy Jules, Thunder & Lightening)

(l-r Thunder & Lightening, Pink Fizz & Juicy Jules)

I first saw this delectable trio over on Hannah's blog, and I am blaming this purchase entirely on her...! If you want to see more accurate swatches, check her out too. 

I swooped into my local River Island and found the trio nestled amongst a few other polishes at the till, it was meant to be. It cost me £10 for three wonderful glittery polishes, what's not the love! 

I'm currently sporting baby pink nails with a pink fizz glitter nail. I think it's my new favourite thing. I'm serious. It's definitely the winner out of the three.

I'm currently fighting the urge to paint my entire hand with Pink Fizz, someone might have to restrain me. 

Are you a fan of a bit of glitter or is it one step into Barbie style too far!?

Laura xx


  1. Wow they're all so gorgeous! Definately need to pick up Thunder & Lightning! x

  2. Aww I love a bit of glitter , especially at this time of the year :) I really think I need pink fizz in my life, I have pink glitter shaped hole in my collection lol

  3. @Claire I'm not quite sure how I lived without it!

  4. I've not seen Thunder and Lightening before and now I want...I have such a thing for black glitter!

  5. i love glitter nails but i always have a hard time removing them later

    xoxo elle


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