Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cupcake O'Clock.

Yesterday I went to Lakeland and picked up a few baking bits and bobs, I couldn't help it! 
Obviously that meant today was a baking day...

The results were Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream Icing & Victoria Sponge Cupcakes! 

After trying a few cupcake recipes in the past, I decided to go with Milly's recipe, she always whips up delicious treats so I knew they'd turn out well! 

I gave the Victoria Sponge cupcakes a jam core, yum yum yum! I again sneaked the idea from Milly here

I'm going to sit down with a cupcake and cup of tea... 

Laura xx


  1. oh wow look at those cute creations. you did good girl :) thank you for the mention x

  2. Ooh wow they look so delicious, I wish I had the baking gene, I always bun mine and the icing is always runny lol


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