Thursday, 20 October 2011

I Look Like Yes and You Look Like No.

Jumper: Aquascutum 
Shirt: H&M 
Trousers: H&M 
Boots: Primark 
Rings: France, Accessorize, F21. 

We're back to shoddy DIY outfit photo's, But I've found a nice big new mirror to take advantage of! 
Currently obsessed with this green Aquascutum jumper, it's a blatant sibling cast off but it's too good to pass up. 
Obsessed with this ring combo at the moment, I picked the gold multi band up in France for a couple of euro, it's the right balance between statement and understated, does that make sense?! 
I've been pretty much living in this sort of outfit for a few weeks - jumper, black skinny jeans, collar, boots -sorted.

Right, after all of the outfit love, a bit of a disappointment. I tried some of the Charles Worthington Purity Shampoo & Conditioner (before I took these pictures actually) and I couldn't believe how dry it made my hair feel. It felt like straw, for the literals. I had it down in curls for about 10 mins after these snaps, then it was up in a bun before I went out of the house, vile. 

Right, Over & Out. 

Laura xx


  1. I've tried the Purity range and hated it! I love Charles Worthington's normal range though xx


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