Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How To: Halloween Horror.

When it comes to Halloween, I'm far more inclined to go all blood and guts or silly dressing up, rather than the Mean Girls approach..."I'm a Mouse...Duh".

If you want to add some really gorey wounds to yourself but don't know how...keep reading!

You Will Need:

Special FX Wax
Eyelash Glue
Brown Eyeshadow
Purple Eyeshadow (I used Purple Face Paint)
Cake Blood (Available from most fancy dress shops)
Cotton Buds
Disposable (Sacrificial) Make Up Sponge.


I'm going to do this on my hand, but it looks amazing on the forehead, chest etc. It really can go anywhere you please.

I've just added a thin layer of the foundation onto my hand, I've gone slightly lighter to help with the dead/blood drained look...how lovely.


I've used Special FX Wax as it's the easiest thing to create a realistic hole, but if you can't get hold of it or don't want to spend the money, you can build up the layers with tissue and eyelash glue.

FX Wax Method: Simply scrap some out of the pot with handle of a spoon and any small spatchula and role into two small sausages. Attach with eyelash glue onto the hand, don't worry at the moment if it looks odd, it gets better!


Simply blend the wax into the skin using the spatchula until it begins to look like part of you!


Now this step takes a bit of patience, but it really worth it as it seals the wax in place. It's a must if you're going to a party as the wax will move around!

Now, let this dry.


Now, just build up the foundation, it still will look a little 'rustic' and the foundation I'm using here photographs ridiculously yellow, but trust me it should match your skin!
It doesn't matter if it doesn't look perfect, at the end of the day it's a bloody wound, it's not going to look like a neat surgery incision!


Go to town with the brown, purple and cake blood! 

I'm afraid I got a little bit carried away and didn't take a picture of the inbetween stage, but you should be left with something like this. There really isn't a hard and fast way to do this, just go to town and do what you want.

Have a very happy halloween and let me know if you give this a go!

I did some similar special fx looks in this post HERE, it's a couple of years old some may be new to you, have a little browse!

Laura xx


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  2. Looks grim in a great way x



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