Thursday, 29 September 2011

September Winners & Losers.


Konjac Sponge* (not pictured, I don't think you want to see a wet sponge!)
Seche Vite
Lincoln Park After Dark
Illamasqua Skin Base
Molton Brown Apuldre Scent*
Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower Gel*
Connock Wonderbalm*
Moa Green Balm*
HD Brow Kit*
F21 Owl Ring

Firstly, major props to my Konjac Sponge this month, it's carried on doing the job and I'm using half the cleanse & polish I would usually consume so it's a winner for the bank balance too. I literally haven't taken OPI Lincoln Park After Dark off my nails this month, I tried to switch it up but took off the lovely peach I had on after about 10 minutes, of course you can't do a glossy dark nail without a healthy coat of Seche Vite. I finally got around to buying Illamasqua Skin Base in full size, and surprisingly when I got the counter, I realised that Shade 6 was perfect for me, unlike the 4/5 mix I had been using.
Molton Brown have really been proving themselves to me this month, I'm obsessed with Apuldre & Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower Gel is to die for. I've also been fully converted to balms this month, Connock Wonderbalm has taken up residence in my handbag for lips, cuticles etc and I've loved Moa Green Balm when I fancy a change, Moa has far more of herbal/medicinal feel to it and it's just the ticket. Finally I haven't touched my beloved MAC Espresso for brows since the HD Brows Kit came into the picture.
A final random favourite is my Forever 21 Owl Ring, it's so dainty and I haven't had the hint of green finger from it, even in this unseasonal heat! I think I paid £1.50 for this, by far the best buy of the month.


Revlon Colorstay
StriVectin Tightening & Sculpting Face & Neck Cream*.

Now, I don't want to blame this entirely but after giving the sample of StriVectin a go, I had a bit of a strange skin reaction, very red, spotty and not nice. Considering this is the only new skincare item I've put near my face this month, I'm going to have to blame this. Sorry StriVectin!
I haven't used Revlon Colorstay for ages, but, I used it yesterday and It felt vile, smelt vile and I can't remember why on earth I loved this before, unless it's gone funny in the bottle, it's a big thumbs down. 

What are your favourites this month? 

Laura xx 

(PR Samples have been marked with a *, but they wouldn't be in this post if I didn't love them!)

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  1. Awww that owl ring is so cute! Love this post series, much more interesting than the regular "favorite" posts x


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