Monday, 26 September 2011

Molton Brown Navigations Through Scent.

I feel I've grown up with Molton Brown, and they are a brand that I will, for better or worse, associate with my mother.

Something about the brand evokes a sense of classic elegance and sophistication, therefore when they announced they were launching their new unisex fragrance line, Navigations Through Scent, I couldn't help but accept the chance to experience the range.

The whole concept of the line intregues me, five scents that evoke the spirit of five different destinations, in the format of London via... 

Singosari - London via Indonisia
Apuldre - London via Kent
Lijang - London via China
Rogart - London via Canada
Iunu - London via Eygpt

Before I dive head first into the olfactory jazz, I'd like to just spend a moment appreciating the beautiful bottle it comes in.
It's the simple elegance with a luxurious edge that you'd expect from Molton Brown, I was in love before it even left the box.

To briefly break down the five scents, each come with a brief synopsis.

Singosari: “May Contain Wonder. Follow the ancient spice trail to the islands of Indonesia. Blood-warmmonsoon rains. Ruined temples and lush green jungles. Exotic. Steamy. Haunting.”

Alpudre: “May Contain Mischief. Twilight on a summer's day, in the garden of England. Picnic blankets on fresh cut grass. Fizz and Gin. Irreverent. Cheeky. A bit mad.” 

Rogart:“May Contain Adventure. Beat a retreat to the Cobequid Mountains of Nova Scotia. Log cabins and campfires. Cosy nights under northern lights. Bracing. Rugged. Slightly smoky.”

Iunu: “May Contain Magic. A long lost legend from Heliopolis, the lost City of the Sun. Sultry nights,  steeped in jasmine. The hazy heat of a Delta Dawn. Warm. Slightly Dark. Sublime.”

Ljiang: “May contain Serenity. Set sail on a bamboo raft, along the banks of the River Li. Silk billowing in the breeze. A sip of steaming white tea. Crisp. Fresh. Almost edible.”

To throw my two cents into the ring, Rogart & Iunu are very heavy, masculine scents that are reflected in the heavy base notes that come through, despite not being to my taste, Rogart does evoke a curious picture of a Canadian wilderness, MB have hit the nail on the head. I find it slightly too sweet and suffocating on my own skin as it develops into something I just cannot grow to like, but hats off for sticking to the brief.

Iunu is a similar story, it's a rich spicy scent that I just screams out as a gorgeous masculine scent, yet for me it's a no go.

Yet, Singosari is by far the stand out male scent in the five, it's a spicy grown up fragrance that hits sensual notes of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and vetvier. Simply divine.

I decided to go for Alpudre as the description alone sold it to me, fizz and gin are right up my street!

Apuldre is the polar opposite to anything I currently own in terms of fragrance, yet I couldn't love it anymore. It evokes exactly as the description reads, it's fresh yet lingering and blends beautifully on my own skin. The base notes of leather & styrax absolute give it a different twist that I've never encountered in a unisex fragrance before and it leaves a modern fragrance to die for.

I haven't touched any of the my other perfumes since this landed on my doorstep.

Lastly, Lijang is the only fragrance I couldn't comment on as I'm yet to smell it, but hints of white tea, pink berries and musk sound like the makings of a perfect feminine scent.

If you want to find out more, visit

RRP £55-£65 for 50ml.

Laura xx

(pr sample)


  1. I'm ashamed to admit I've never tried any Molton Brown products. I love the desription of fizz and gin though... might have to have a sniff! x


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