Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint.

I had planned to take some lovely outfit pictures for you all today, but helpfully, the weather is disgusting and the light is virtually non existent (my room could give the black hole of Calcutta a run for it's money)


As the title suggests, I'm giving Liz Earle's first foray into the make up world a whirl.
The A/W Newsletter fell through my letterbox this morning, with a useful pack of samples to colour match yourself with the Skin Tint.

First impressions show that we're not looking at a vast range in the shade department, and I can imagine this product not being suitable for deeper skintones (Oh Liz...).


Beach 03, Beige 02 & Bare 01.

Above is a painfully close up shot of the product, slapped on with my fingers. It's all natural here, no concealer, no powder, just pure Liz Earle Skin Tint.

First Impressions?

For a tinted moisturiser it's nice, it applies smoothly and is buildable to some degree, although I think i'd still pop some concealer around my eyes if I was going to brave any public engagement.

It doesn't leave me too shiny yet leaves me looking healthy, which is always a bonus.

The product contains mineral SPF 15, a whole host of botanical ingredients (avocado oil, borage seed oil and vitamin E) to provide the type of skincare/make up hybrid you'd expect from Liz Earle.

The Verdict.

I'm not entirely sure I'll be rushing out to purchase this product, simply because I have a several foundation/tinted moisturisers on the go, but, I will definitely consider giving this a chance as it's a lovely product. The shade range does leave a lot to be desired but for considering this is the first dipped toe into the world of cosmetics for Liz Earle, I congratulate them.

RRP £21.00

Have you tried this yet, what do you think?

Laura xx


  1. I had this sample pack in the post yesterday too! Have yet to try them out though. At first glance I can see that shades 02 and 03 seem pretty dark but 01 would be too light for me :( it's a shame the shade range is so limited but it does look like it gives a nice sheen to your skin xx

  2. @Lydia I agree, it's my main gripe with the product, but they do sheer out quick nicely so you may find that 02 would fit, they are applied pretty heavily on my hand :) x

  3. I have never tried any Liz Earle products. These look intersting though- and the range of colours you mention would attract me. Something that I find difficult is matching the colours to my skin (Im a weird shade!!) Very tempting! xx

  4. My Mum got these samples also! I will probably try them out, but reading this has been helpful :)

      Madison's Assortment

  5. @ComputerGirl It is definitely worth a try, I believe if you purchase from the website you'll get sent the three samples above to try out for yourself before you open the full sized product, just to make sure that you've selected the right shade!


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