Friday, 16 September 2011

Burberry Body.

You might be aware that Burberry have been sending out a plethora of samples to promote the new fragrance, Burberry Body.

When it comes to Burberry fragrances, I've always seemed to stay away. I really have no idea why this is the case, they've just never seemed like they were for me.

But hey, if Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely is fronting the campaign, it's worth a try right?!

With hints of Peach, Freesia, Iris, Rose & Green Absinthe, the result is a fresh, yet feminine fragrance that develops (on my skin) into a soft wearable fragrance that cuts a fine line between sweet & refreshing.

Now, I'm not perfume expert, but I'm impressed. I think this may be the perfect transition perfume between the sweet, fruity scents of summer and the darker, woodier winter fragrances.

Have you tried Burberry Body yet?

Fancy a sample? Click HERE.

Laura xx


  1. I ordered mine, but it hasnt arrived yet! Cant wait to try it! xx

  2. I need to smell this! Burberry Brit is my all time favourite perfume! xx

  3. @Charlotte's Obsessions I've never smelt Brit but maybe I should give it a chance now!


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