Thursday, 11 August 2011

Recent Bits & Peices...

Top to Bottom:

Striped & Nude Toms-a-likes: £1(!) Primark
Aztec Earrings: £2 Primark
Bracelet: Primark (I threw away the tag and don't actually remember the price!)
Nude Silk Top: £8 Primark
Lightweight Knitted Jumper: £28 Topshop, (Thanks to gift cards and student discount, I managed to pay £2.70...not bad!)

I've had the Primark bug for the past few weeks, i've somehow ended up in there twice in the past few days alone...

I'm in love with the silk top, a real Primark gem, underdesigned and hangs beautifully...something you don't always see!

Ciao for now,

Laura xx

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